Black Velvet Roll Cake

  • For Cake;
  • 500g Krater Black Velvet Cake Mix
  • 250g Eggs
  • 100g Vegetable Oil
  • 110g Water
  • For Cream;
  • 175g Krater Golden Crème Patissière
  • 500g Milk
  • 300g Krater Whipping Master Cream (liquid)
  • 350g Krater White Chocolate Flakes
  • For Decoration;
  • Red fruits


Cake: Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl and whisk them at medium speed for 4 minutes, transfer the content into a 40×60cm oven tray and bake at 170°C for 10 minutes.

Cream: Boil the liquid cream on the stove, and add white chocolate flakes to the mixture. Refrigerate the mixture at +4°C. Whisk the milk and Golden Crème Patissière at medium speed until you get a homogenous cream. Spread the filling over the whole cake, and roll up the cake. Refrigerate at +4°C for 2 hours. Cut into slices and serve with red fruits.

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