Texture Improvers and Stabilizers

Maestro del Gelato’s texture improvers and stabilizers help stabilize, thicken, and emulsify gelato and sorbetto bases, and increase the viscosity of the ice cream, and give the ice cream a homogenous texture.



  • Improve the structure of the ice cream by enhancing its flavour and creaminess;

  • Using in low amounts will suffice to make thicker ice creams;

  • Give perfect results in traditional ice creams and Maraş style ice creams;

  • Help ice cream masters create special recipes;

  • Suitable for use in cold and warm processes;

  • Prevent formation of ice crystals in ice cream.


  • Neutral Stable Mix K-5

  • Neutral Stable Mix K-10

  • Neutral Stable Mix SH-5


  • 25kg Kraft Bag